Man Kills and Barbecues His Neighbor's Three Dogs

When questioned by the police, the man had no issues confessing

A man living in the northern regions of Mexico recently reached the conclusion that his neighbor's three dogs were simply too loud and too annoying for him to be able to stand them much longer.

Thus, he decided to take matters into his own hands and ended up killing the dogs and barbecuing them.

To make matters even worse, Ulises Rodela, as this 39-year-old man is named, had no issues when it came to confessing his deeds to both his neighbor, and several police officers.

Interestingly enough, it looks like some of the people who know both the dog's owner and Ulises Rodela are quite convinced that the latter was not in the least wrong when killing the animals, simply because they truly were a bit of a menace.

Las Cruces Sun News reports that, for the time being, local authorities are still trying to figure out whether or not Ulises Rodela might have sold the meat he obtained by cooking his neighbor's dogs to various food stands found in the proximity of his home.

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