Man Grows Beard for a Year, Raises Money for Armed Forces

Dave Phillips set out to raise £1,000 ($1,613 / €1,223)

Dave Phillips cannot wait for New Year's, when he plans to get a shave. The 27-year-old former member of the Territorial Army decided to raise money for charity by growing a beard.

He set out a year ago to raise funds for Help for Heroes, inspired by the Movember initiative. "I did Movember last year and it was just pretty easy.

"So many people do it, so I decided to do it (grow hair) for a year instead of a month," Phillips explains.

The Gazette published a piece on his initiative, detailing he chose to help out the Armed Forces because several of his relatives and close friends are currently enrolled.

He managed to achieve his goal of gathering £1,000 ($1,613 / €1,223), so it wasn't all in vain.

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