Man Fakes Death to Terminate Verizon Wireless Phone Contract

Just play dead...maybe they'll stop asking you for money

Everyone knows that terminating a mobile phone contract can be a difficult thing which leaves the subscriber with a large sum of money to pay. Corey Taylor found himself in this situation and made up a plan in order to be disclaimed of paying the termination fee. He staged his own death.

The only situation when a subscriber can end his mobile phone contract signed with a certain carrier is when he dies. The American thought it might be a pretty good idea to use this solution in order to close his account with Verizon Wireless without having to pay a USD 175 fee.

The man had experienced over the years problems with dropped calls and a large number of defective calls and now only wanted to close his contract without having even more expenses added. Two-year contracts and sometimes even three-year ones make a long-term business relationship in which not both sides prove to be capable of making the other one happy. Carriers often fail in providing top quality services and products, keeping their long-term subscribers hooked to a service that no longer satisfies them.

The number of complaints filed by contract subscribers has more than doubled in the past years, which explains the high number of customers looking to get rid of their contracts. Still, such extreme actions have been rarely met, although people have come to find inventive solutions by themselves. Still, having the chance to purchase a mobile phone at a considerably lower price is the sole advantage of accepting such a long-term bond.

Corey Taylor mocked up a fake death certificate and asked a friend to fax it to Verizon Wireless. The man's idea was a failure, as the company caught on the forgery and forced him to pay the termination fee in order to close the contract.

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