Man Dies on Flight After Loud Bouts of Snoring

Passengers performed CPR on the 30-year-old man, but to no avail

Passengers on a flight out of Denver, destination Salt Lake City, desperately tried to resuscitate a man who had become unresponsive. The Salt Lake City International Airport has confirmed that the man has died and they are currently looking into the matter.

Jared Noall, a combat medic with the Army Reserve on the flight, tells KSL Utah that the man, who appeared to be in his 30s, was snoring loudly right before the plane took off.

At one point, the snoring stopped so he, just like everybody else, assumed he had finally found “that sweet spot” that allowed him to fall into a deep slumber.

It wasn’t until the plane landed that they realized something was terribly wrong because the man would not move – and when Noall and other passengers started performing CPR on him.

“It sort of sucks because you always want to save people's lives, but what can you do? Everyone came together to try to help, though. We did what we could,” Noall says.

The identity of the deceased has not been revealed to the press.

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