Man Covers His Face with Stick Bugs to Celebrate New Habitat

A keeper has covered his face with odd bugs to welcome the opening of Bug Garden

There are many ways of celebrating wildlife and all the beauties Mother Nature has to offer, but a young man has definitely chosen one of the most peculiar ones to express his excitement.

Covering his face with stick bugs, looking like tree branches, was his original way of welcoming the opening of the Bugs Garden habitat at Wild Life Sydney.

In order to make the initiative popular in no-time, Evan Armstrong, an invertebrate keeper, does the unbelievable and doesn't seem too bugged about it.

He looks like he has just escaped from a horror movie set, after devouring an entire forest, with most of his face covered with odd stick bugs.

Representatives from Bugs Garden, the eighth habitat backed by Wild Life Sydney, say the new facility is considered an interactive habitat for several appalling insects aiming to inspire the scariest nightmares.

The main goal is to attract as many visitors as possible, helping the public find out more about the tiny creatures living in several parts of Australia, like spiders, stick insects, cockroaches and creepy grasshoppers.

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