Man Chokes Girlfriend in Dreadlock Hair Assault in Portland

32-year-old Caleb Grotberg tried to strangle his girlfriend with locks of matted hair

A man from Portland, Oregon, is to be arraigned next Tuesday, after allegedly assaulting a woman using his own dreadlocked hair.

32-year-old Caleb Grotberg, of Portland, was apprehended by police on Monday, January 7, at the 3200 block of Southeast 22nd Avenue.

Someone had called 911 at 2:28 a.m. local time, ABC News informs. A concerned neighbor made the call, to report a domestic dispute.

Grotberg was described by his neighbors as officers arrived at the scene, a description that helped police apprehend him, Fox 2 Now writes.

He had apparently tried to strangle his girlfriend with his own hair. The victim identified the man as her boyfriend, explaining he had attempted to choke her using locks of hair, following a heated argument that turned violent.

“It’s sickening that someone could have such anger in them, strangling with their own hair? I mean strangulation period, you have a lot of anger, but it’s shocking that someone like that would be on our street,” neighbor Ric Leonetti told reporters.

Grotberg will be charged with assault in the second and fourth degree. He will also have to answer for threatening the victim and will be facing counts of kidnapping in the second degree and strangulation, police reports say. He is currently booked into Multnomah County Jail, NY Daily News clarifies.

“The scariest part of it, is that she was probably screaming and trying to get help, but no one else was around to help. It’s unnerving being a woman, and knowing that could happen across the street and no one can notice,” neighbor Molly Dickinson reacts.

Sgt. Pete Simpson of the Portland Police Bureau noted that victim was transported to a Portland hospital with “numerous, non-life-threatening injuries.”

She is set to recover from her wounds. There is no news on whether or not Grotberg has employed legal counsel.

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