Man Calls 911 for a Cheeseburger 9 Times, Is Arrested

52-year-old Indiana man is booked for abusing emergency line

When hunger strikes, it can make people do the strangest things. A man from Indiana, Gregory Jackson Sr., has done several strange things over the past years but this was by far his strangest: he called 911 asking for a cheeseburger no less than 9 consecutive times.

Yahoo! has fragments of the 911 call, including how he persuaded the dispatcher to finally send a patrol unit to his house: the dispatcher worried he might not have eaten in a long time and thus, be in some kind of danger.

“52-year-old Gregory Jackson Sr. has reportedly had past run-ins with police, but this may be the most bizarre. Jackson reportedly made the nine phone calls in just 90 minutes,” Yahoo! says.

When police arrived to his house, he was still on the phone with the dispatcher. They arrested him but are yet to charge him for abusing an emergency line.

Instead, he was taken into custody on a pending warrant from a different case and, no, the police officers did not bring him his cheeseburger.

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