Man Buys 4,000 Windows 8 Company Upgrades, Thousands of Surface Tablets

A company CTO claims that all businesses should do the same thing as soon as possible

While most studies reveal that companies and organizations aren’t quite interested in Microsoft’s new Windows 8, an unnamed CTO working for an unnamed company has already purchased upgrades for all the 4,000 computers in his office.

While the “unnamed” tag doesn’t make the source quite reliable, the anonymous CTO claims he decided to make the move to Windows 8 on all company computers because the new OS is faster than Windows 7.

He told Business Insider that all iPads are soon going to be replaced by Surface tablets, again emphasizing that Windows RT works a lot faster and also brings the Office productivity suite.

“Any app that runs on Windows 7 runs better on Windows 8,” he was quoted as saying. “For a large part of the executive team, we do need mobile devices and we were leaning towards the iPad. That's changed with the Surface. The big killer app for us is Office,” he added. “We want to do Office natively.”

Studies conducted by various companies across the globe reveal that most companies won’t make the move to Windows 8 immediately, but instead they choose to wait and see whether the new OS is indeed a good choice for businesses.

No less than 49.9 percent of those interviewed in a research conducted by admitted they have no plans to deploy Windows 8 at this point, but they may reconsider deployment in the future if everything goes right.

At the same time, 23.8 percent of all organizations said they’re skipping the new operating system completely, as they prefer to rely on the existing Windows 7 platform. Costs to train employees on the new OS and hardware upgrades have been named as two of the main reasons why companies choose to stay away from the OS.

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