Man Brutally Punches Teenager on the Street, Is Caught on Camera

The 16-year-old is knocked out and left in the street, after she is assaulted

User discretion is strongly recommended, as this video contains shocking violent footage of a man punching a 16-year-old out of nowhere, on the streets of Plaistow, east London, in the UK.

The teenager, who wished to remain anonymous, described to the Daily Mail that she has no recollection of the events, as she woke up in an ambulance, not knowing what had happened to her.

The video shows that, as she was attacked with a lot of force, she blacked out. Police haven't been able to pinpoint a suspect to this point, as the crime seems entirely random.

As you can see, the athletic black male, who appears to be about 6ft tall, is not provoked in any way, in fact he seems to be seeking her out.

I can only speculate that he knew the victim or an acquaintance of the victim rather well, as the attack happened close to her home.

“I hope he does get caught so he doesn’t do it again to another person. I hope I am his last victim,” the teenager says.

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