Man Attacked by Shark in Shallow Waters in Australia, Lives to Tell the Story

Alan Saunders only suffered puncture wounds to his legs

An experienced angler from New South Wales in Australia has registered shark bites to both his legs during a fishing incident.

According to Gossipy, Alan Saunders had caught a shark in his net and was attempting to release it when he was spotted by a Grey Nurse. The shark bit him in shallow, knee-deep waters, leaving behind puncture wounds.

“Alan was involved in removing one of the sharks out of the wings of the net. He released that shark but another shark came in and bit him on both legs,” his brother Ray Saunders explains.

Fortunately, a team of EMTs was quick to arrive at the scene and 51-year-old Saunders survived with only minor injuries. He was airlifted to John Hunter infirmary in Newcastle, Australia and got to keep his limbs.

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