Man Arrested for Hacking Indonesian President’s Site, Faces 12 Years in Prison

Hacktivists are protesting by defacing other major websites

Wildan Yani Ashari, an Indonesian high school graduate who works at an Internet café, has been arrested by authorities on suspicion of being the one who hacked the website of the country’s president on January 11. 

According to Detik, the youth faces 12 years in prison and a 12 billion IDR ($1.2 million) fine.

Shortly after Wildan’s arrest, Indonesian authorities launched an investigation in an effort to track down the members of the Jember Hacker Team. They say that they’ve managed to identify the alleged perpetrator based on the digital footprints.

While Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications has welcomed the arrest of the hacker, hacktivists are not happy with the decision, so they have started attacking other high-profile websites.

TechInAsia reports that the official website of the country’s Supreme Court has been defaced. The attackers argue that the government should not arrest hackers since they are merely trying to demonstrate the weaknesses that plague the nation’s systems.

They urge the government to help them improve their skills so that they can defend the country’s infrastructures against foreign threats.

Currently, the site of the Supreme Court is offline.

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