Man Adopts His Own Basset Hound 10 Years After Parting with Her

Carpentier lost his dog in a divorce settlement, eventually found her in a shelter

About ten years ago, Jamie Carpentier divorced his wife and ended up losing his dog to her. Following this event, the man never got to hear any news concerning Ginger for a rather lengthy period.

However, it was only last month when, while checking out the official website for the Humane Society of Greater Nashua, Jamie stumbled upon some pictures of Ginger, his long-lost Basset Hound.

By the looks of it, the dog had been put up for adoption by his ex-wife back in 2003, and even got to spend some years living with an elderly couple.

However, the latter eventually figured out that they were unable to properly look after her, and returned Ginger to the Humane Society.

Sources report that, when stopping by at the animal shelter looking to get his Basset Hound back, Jamie Carpentier was almost instantly recognized by Ginger.

“At one point he was petting her head, and he bent his face down, and she started licking his face. That was the moment we saw that she recognized him,” one employee of said animal shelter told members of the press.

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