Malware Infects Computers at Several Oil Rigs and Platforms

The malicious elements were downloaded from adult and music piracy websites

Pieces of malware have found their way to the networks of a number of oil rigs and platforms, in some cases knocking systems offline.

The Houston Chronicle has learned that the malicious elements have been downloaded by employees from adult websites and ones that host pirated music. In other scenarios, the malware has made its way onto the platforms via USB drives and laptops.

In one case, in the Gulf of Mexico, a worm started spreading in their isolated network, causing a system to lock up.

None of the incidents appeared to be part of a targeted attack, so no serious damage was caused. However, if sophisticated attacks were to occur, the repercussions could be devastating, including oil spills, explosions, and even loss of human lives.

Security professionals warn that companies need to start investing in cybersecurity in order to prevent any unfortunate incidents.

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