Malware Distributed to Users Who Are Short on Cash This Christmas

Cybercriminals use eHoliday cash offers to lure victims

Are you short on cash this holiday? Whatever you do, don’t open links from emails that claim to have a solution for your problem.

Bitdefender experts have spotted a new campaign which attempts to lure users to a malware-laden site by offering “to help them out.”

“If your short on cash this holiday, see how eHoliday cash can help you make your Christmas Merry. Follow this link for more details [link],” read the emails entitled “See how eHoliday Cash can help you make your Christmas a good one.”

Those who click on the link are taken to a malicious website that’s designed to serve a piece of malware with the aid of the BlackHole exploit kit.

According to Bitdefender, spam emails advertising luxury replicas and personalized letters from Santa are also still going strong.

That’s why internauts are recommended to watch out for any suspicious messages or notifications that may come their way during this period.

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