Malware Alert: Western Union Agent Portal Notifications

The ZeuS Trojan is attached to the phony email messages

Over the past few weeks, a large number of malicious emails purporting to originate from Western Union have been seen landing in inboxes.

The emails, entitled “Agent WU urgent action needed” or “Agent WU special action needed,” read:

“Dear Western Union Agent,

Western Union Agent Portal informs all the agents about urgent changes in the compensation system and working conditions.

In order to prolong your contract you need to read the documents and sign the form provided in the attachments to the email.

Our company is sorry to cause inconvenience. Please do not drag out the business and make the necessary actions as soon as you can.”

The attachment doesn’t contain any form, but a piece of malware. According to GFI experts, the malicious elements attached to these emails are usually variants of the notorious Zbot or ZeuS.

Internauts are advised to beware of such emails. If you’ve already downloaded and launched the file without having an antivirus solution on your computer, it’s likely that while you’re reading this, the Trojan is busy stealing your passwords.

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