Malware Alert: Expiration of CPA License Notification from AICPA

Fake emails designed to lure users to Cridex-serving sites

In case you receive an email entitled “Ending of your CPA license,” “Income improper tax return accusations,” or “Your accountant CPA License Termination,” purporting to come from American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), you should know that it’s most likely a scam.

GFI researchers warn internauts that such emails carry links which point to websites that host the Cridex malware.

Here’s what the emails read, just in case you come across one:

“Respected AICPA member,

We have been notified of your potential participation in tax return fraudulent activity for one of your employees. In obedience to AICPA Bylaw Paragraph 600 your Certified Public Accountant position can be end off in case of the occurrence of presenting of a improper or fraudulent tax return for your client or employer.

Please be informed of the complaint below and provide explanation of this issue to it within 14 business days. The denial to do so within this term will result in decline of your Certified Accountant Career.”

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