Malware Alert: “Baby Please Check My Photo”

Cybercriminals lure users with the pictures of young women

If you come across an email entitled “Baby please check my photo,” or one bearing the subject “I miss you, Check my new video please,” be sure not to click on the link it contains since it points to a malware-serving website.

Experts from security firm Bitdefender have analyzed this recent spam campaign and they inform that users are lured to the malicious websites with emails that read something like: “Hi baby please check my facebook profile, tnx. I miss you , check my new photo please: [link]”

A variant identified by EHN reads: “Hi baby please check my facebook profile, i send you friend request please add me from friends. I miss you , check my video please [link]” 

The link appears to point to, to the profile of a girl named Maria. However, in reality, users who click on it are taken to a website where a piece of Java code automatically downloads and installs a piece of malware detected as Trojan.JS.Downloader.BNM.

Once it finds itself on a computer, the Trojan – developed in JavaScript – starts collecting the victim’s personal information.

Bitdefender products are capable of blocking every stage of this attack, including the spam email, the malicious website, and the malware.

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