Malicious “Can I Publish Link?” Twitter Notifications Lure Users to Rogue Pharmacies

Pharmacy spam campaigns appear to have intensified during the holidays

Emails mimicking Twitter direct message notifications are attempting to lure unsuspecting recipients to rogue pharmacy websites.

GFI experts advise users to beware of messages in which they’re asked “Can i publish link to your photo on my web page?” or “Can i publish link to your video on my home page?”

The notifications appear legitimate, but the links they contain point to Toronto drug stores and other illegal pharmacy websites.

Besides these malicious emails, cybercriminals are also using compromised Twitter accounts to trick customers into visiting all sorts of survey sites.

Earlier today, I received a DM from one of my contacts saying “hahahahaha!! why wereeee your pantssss down in thisss piccc??? LOOK.” The link contained in the message points to a malicious Facebook app.

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