Malibu Residents Forced to Remove Whale Carcass Themselves

Authorities couldn't decide whose responsibility it was, locals took charge of the problem

Just three days ago, the news broke that a beach in Malibu had become the resting place for a young whale that died as a result of its being hit by a passing ship and which washed ashore fairly close to the homes of several Hollywood celebrities.

After being allowed to decompose on this beach for several days, simply because local authorities were having trouble deciding who was responsible for the clean-up operation, the whale carcass was finally removed by a tow crew.

Interestingly enough, Malibu's residents have nobody but themselves to thank for the fact that the dead whale no longer poses a threat to public health.

As Newser explains, the tugboat that carried the carcass and its crew was hired by a homeowners' association, whose members grew tired of waiting for local officials to make a decision.

Hopefully, it will be a while before another whale washes ashore in Malibu and ends up causing such debates.

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