Malia Obama Photobombs Presidential Kiss – Photo

First Daughters have a laugh at Presidential Inauguration

Photobombing was the thing to do at the Presidential Inauguration 2013, from the looks of things. The latest instance comes from the President’s eldest daughter, Malia, who photobombed the Presidential kiss.

Click on the image above to see how it happened.

As Mrs. Obama leaned in for a kiss for a picture with her husband, with Sasha holding her camera phone up, Malia simply did what any other teen her age would have probably been tempted to do: she thrust her face in the camera for a laugh.

Obviously, she ruined the photo but at least she was cute doing it.

During the ceremony, former US President Bill Clinton also seemed to be doing a bit of photobombing himself, when Kelly Clarkson was getting ready to perform “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee,” as I also reported earlier today.

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