Male Nude Shocks Society at Vienna Art Exhibition

Art proves people are still incapable of taking nature as it is

An art exhibition held recently at Vienna's Leopold Museum shows people are not open to nudity as we would want to believe. Not to male nudity at least.

The five undressed male statues on display, offering a view of nudity from Ancient Egypt to contemporary times, caused great controversies among Viennese inhabitants.

“We got many, many complaints,” said Klaus Pokorny, a museum's spokesman, as cited by Daily Mail.

“Many people told us that they wanted to, or had to, protect their children,” Pokorny went on saying. “Some had warned that if we won’t cover it, they would go there with a brush and they would cover it with colour.”

The interesting thing about people's view over nudity doesn't exactly consist in their disagreement to the nude body as a form of art. What is to be noticed is that there were so many female nude art exhibitions all over the world and they brought no complaints.

Is it that female body can make art and beauty while men's can't? Ancient Greeks would disagree. And Greeks knew art, knew ethics, and philosophy.

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