Malaysian and Filipino Hackers Go at Each Other over Sabah Occupation

The Anonymous factions of each country have started a cyber battle

Around three weeks ago, 300 followers of former Filipino Sultan Jamalul Kiram III occupied the village of Tanduao in the Malaysian state of Sabah. 

While Filipino and Malaysian authorities try to put an end to the conflict, hacktivists from both sides have started a battle of their own.

According to The Pinoy Tech News, Anonymous Malaysia launched distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks against several government websites from the Philippines, including the ones of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Tourism, Department of Health and the Bureau of Immigration.

In addition, they also defaced the site of Moalboal from the province of Cebu.

“Take some action about your dogs in our country. Bring your ship and take back your dogs, stop killing Malaysian army & police. Otherwise, we will attack Philippine government websites. No time to make some joke, terrorist are terrorist. Nothing’s changed,” they wrote on the defaced websites.

In response, Philippines hacktivists have defaced some Malaysian websites, but none of them appears to be too important.

Shortly after, Anonymous Malaysia apologized for the attacks, urging Anonymous Philippines to “stop the cyber war in Sabah.”

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