MakuluLinux 6 MATE "Imperium" Debian-Based Linux OS Launches Tomorrow

This is the first MATE version of the MakuluLinux distro

MakuluLinux 6 MATE, a Linux distribution based on the Debian testing branch, Jessie, that provides stability, speed, and a modern desktop, is the first in the series and it will be available for download on April 14.

The MakuluLinux developers have launched other distributions before, mostly based on Xfce, but this is the first build that features a MATE desktop environment. The new OS is focused on "out of the box" user experience, which means that users won’t have to work in order to get a good operating system.

MakuluLinux 6 MATE has been dubbed "Imperium" and is aimed at users who want to try something new, but it’s also an operating system for people who are not very familiar with what to do in a fresh Linux distribution.

"Now users can setup their desktop the way they want it with the software they want while still experiencing an ‘out of the box’ Experience, those that don’t want an 'out of the box experience' will now have an option to turn the system into a 'barebone' system with a few clicks. MakuluLinux Mate brings users the best of both worlds."

"MakuluLinux Mate sports all of the functionality that the 5 series offered, the major difference is that we have placed control into the user’s hands. The user can now switch animations, wallpaper changer, dockbar on and off at will, install common everyday software with a few clicks... Manage repositories with a few clicks... Much of the use of the terminal has been removed in this release," said the developers in the press release.

Even if most of the operating system has been set up already, users will also be prompted with an install utility that will help them customize the system. If you are an experienced user, you can also skip this step.

MakuluLinux 6 MATE is actually an evolution of the old 5 version, which means that there are some important changes besides the desktop environment. For example, the animation on/off utility has been added to the system menu, Makulu setup Utility has been added to the system menu, the Repository repair utility has been added to system menu, and the Wallpaper Settings utility has been implemented.

Also, the MakuluLinux 6 MATE Linux distribution is based on Mate 1.8, a new Linux kernel from the 3.13.x branch, and it comes with Systemd support. These are just a few of the new features, and we’ll let you know when you are able to download it.

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