Makulu 4.0 E17 Linux Distro Is Mostly for Hippo Aficionados

The latest version of Makulu can be downloaded from Softpedia

Makulu 4.0 E17, a Linux distribution based on the Debian testing branch, Jessie, that aims to provide a sleek and stable experience for a wide variety of users, has been officially released and is now available for download.

Makulul 4.0 is based on E17 and Linux kernel 3.12.x. It has been built from scratch and has undergone extensive testing.

“Based on Debian Testing and Kernel 3.12.x, its fast, its stable and offers plenty eye candy. Sporting a Traditional Layout, Lots of preloaded themes, Wallpapers and Applications. Users will find this build much easier to navigate than most Enlightenment builds out there...,” reads the official announcement.

The developer also implemented the Gnome/XFCE menus system into Enlightenment and the Xfce file manager into E17.

“This started out as one of my least favorite builds, Enlightenment on the surface is very pretty, fast and lightweight, but it suffers from a lot of vicious bugs, specially with compatibility to integration of other DE's, the lack of root commands, a flawed d-bus system, a basic file manager, terminal and no descent menu management system and an extremely chaotic and awkward settings panel,” said the developer in the official announcement.

Highlights of Makulu 4.0 E17:

• Linux kernel 3.12.x Debian Testing Rolling Release has been implemented;

• A traditional layout has been implemented;

• Thunar is now used as the default File manager;

• The Gnome/XFCE menu system has been integrated into the distribution;

• The default Buuf Icons have been added;

• A selection of wallpapers and themes has been implemented;

• A news feed reader has been added to bring latest makulu news to your desktop;

• A variety of applications have been pre-installed for daily use;

• Wine and Steam are pre-installed and ready to use.

A complete list of changes and improvements is available in the official announcement. Download Makulu 4.0 right now from Softpedia.

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