Making the Moon Shine Brighter Would Limit Global Warming, Company Says

Having a brighter moon would limit energy use, consequently curb dangerous emissions

Folks at the FOREO Institute, which happens to be a spin-off of beauty products firm FOREO, appear to have global warming and climate change all figured out. More precisely, they claim to have found the ultimate solution to curbing greenhouse gas emissions and consequently putting a leash on said phenomena.

Better yet, their solution boils down to achieving something greenheads have been asking people to do for years now: limiting energy consumption to a considerable extent and thus reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that hit our planet's atmosphere on a yearly basis.

So far, there appears to be nothing wrong with FOREO Institute's plan to tackle climate change and global warming by cutting energy use. What is bound to be quite a head-turner is the fact that these folks think that their goal can easily be achieved by making the moon shine brighter during nighttime.

On its website, the FOREO Institute, which, again, is connected to skincare company FOREO (permission to draw whatever conclusions one pleases granted), details that, according to its investigations, street lights in the United States alone need be linked to yearly emissions of 3.6 million tons of carbon dioxide.

By the looks of it, Europe is not doing all that great either. On the contrary, street lights on this continent are estimated to produce over 40 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. To put things into perspective, it must be said that these emissions represent the equivalent of powering 20 million cars.

The FOREO Institute expects that, should the moon shine brighter than it currently does during nighttime, quite a lot of these streetlights could easily be retired. This would translate into a drop in energy consumption, which would in turn lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which would ultimately greatly benefit the planet.

In case anyone was wondering, specialists with the FOREO Institute have even come up with one very simple way to brighten up the moon. Long story short, they would have part of it coated in a reflective surface that would serve to send more light towards our planet, Inhabitat informs.

“Think of how much individual people, as well as entire nations, could save on electricity costs, and how much the strain on struggling economies could be eased. Furthermore, think of how much CO2 would be prevented from being released into the atmosphere, and what effect that would have on the environment and global warming,” the FOREO Institute explains.

Since odds are people and pretty much all other creatures will not take lightly to having the moon shine brighter over their heads all of a sudden, the people behind this project say that the shift must be a gradual one, and that a 30-year-long weaning period would sure come in handy.

Although this plan to fight global warming and climate change by curbing the use of streetlights might sound good on paper, odds are the FOREO Institute will never get to see its dream come true. Otherwise put, it's renewables and energy efficiency that people should be turning their attention to.

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