Makeup-Free Snooki Tweets New Lorenzo Photo

Reality star keeps millions of fans up to speed with every move of her little man

Snooki is a proud momma and she wants the world to share in her joy. Twitter is the perfect venue to keep her fans up to speed with every little thing her little man does, even if that doesn’t amount to much – after all, he’s just a couple of months old.

The other day, the former “Jersey Shore” reality star tweeted another photo of herself and Lorenzo, and it went viral in a flash.

The boy’s adorable face is clearly visible in the photo, but that’s not all that’s keeping people talking: Snooki is also not wearing any makeup at all.

Considering how much of it she usually piles on, this is out of the ordinary, even though it’s not the first time she does something like this, that is, go makeup-free on Twitter.

“Mommy and son,” the pint-sized star says in a brief caption accompanying the photo.

Of course, those who follow Snooki on Twitter already know that she often reveals info about her son, even posting photos.

“My son is a genius. At two months, he just put the pacifier in his mouth,” she wrote the other day.

“I’m not just saying this cause he’s my son, but he is the PERFECT little man. I’m a lucky mommy,” she added afterwards.

Considering how much a hellraiser Snooki was before she became pregnant, it’s amazing to see what an attentive, loving mother she is now.

She doesn’t drink anymore and is hardly out in the town, except when she’s running errands or on business, and is much more mature and responsible.

Moreover, she is engaged to the baby’s father, Jionni LaValle and, despite rumors that the engagement is just for show, she insists she’s getting ready for married life. Officially though, the two are yet to set a wedding.

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