Major al-Qaeda Websites Disrupted by Cyberattacks for over Two Weeks

US intelligence officials have been monitoring the effects of the downtime

Cyberattacks have been launched against a number of major al-Qaeda websites. The attacks have been keeping the websites offline for more than two weeks.

According to US intelligence sources, cited by WTOP, these attacks have considerably disrupted the organization’s ability to recruit members via online channels.

Last week, al-Qaeda planned to launch a film called “Salil al-Sawarim 3” to announce their return in Iran, but the release has been delayed because of the cyberattacks.

The targeted websites have been used by al-Qaeda to promote their beliefs and recruit youths from all over the world, including from Syria.

Now that the websites are down, US officials say that there are no trusted locations where the organization’s members can meet.

Back in June 2011, al-Qaeda’s Internet communications suffered similar disruptions caused by cyberattacks.

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