Major Upgrade for Nokia N95's Software

20.0.015 firmware version released

Nokia upgraded its N95 super phone's software, to make it even better than it already was. The new released 20.0.015 firmware version brings various improvements that many users hoped for. First of all, the battery is improved, as well as the overall stability and performance of the handset, which enable users to run applications faster and also provides a plus of up to three hours of music playback, so now you can listen to your favorite music for no less than 12 hours.

Furthermore, the release includes free N-Gage demo games and comes with a new version of Nokia Maps, providing faster Map Loader, faster positioning and free navigation for 3 days. Also, UK users can instantly download music, over-the-air, via the Nokia Music Store. Other changes include new camera software, a new Welcome application, a plus of 30 MB free RAM after booting, new visualization mode for the music player and so on.

Before switching to the 20.0.015 firmware version, all Nokia N95 users should back-up their content because the upgrade erases all data from the phone's internal memory. After the update is completed and personal data is restored, the phone's menu layout can be optimized by installing the New Menu Structure SIS file that can be found on Nokia's website.

The previous important upgrade for Nokia N95 dates from July this year, when more than 70 upgrades were added, like better WLAN performances, improved messaging, improved browser and improved camera.

In direct competition with Apple's iPhone, Nokia N95 is believed by many to be a better handset. Now, with the new major upgrade, Nokia's multimedia phone is ready to be praised even more. I think Apple should do something about it. And no - for those with rich imagination - I don't mean it should steal all the Nokia N95 phones existent and bury them under the Apple headquarters from Cupertino, but do something to upgrade and improve the iPhone.

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