Major Security Issues Found in Dolphin Browser HD 7.0

A new release of the application has resolved it, the development team announced

One of the most popular mobile browsers that the owners of Android-based devices can enjoy at the moment is Dolphin HD, which was updated to version 7.0 not too long ago, and which has just received a small update that addresses some security issues that enthusiasts found in the application.

Apparently, one of the main features that the latest flavor of the mobile browser came with, namely the Webzine, was the one to cause these issues.

The Dolphin HD for Android 7.0 compares links that users access to a given set of Webzines, so as to determine whether a Webzine version of the site is available or not, and this is what caused all the fuss.

However, the company rushed to remove the feature through the aforementioned small software update, and also provided explanations on the matter.

“Webzine simply performs an ancillary check if we can view current webpage in Webzine format. It is not critical and we have temporary removed this functionality in our latest update yesterday,” the development team explains.

The latest release of Dolphin HD came with a Toggle Webzine button, so that users could view current web pages as Webzines.

“With roughly 300 Webzines supported at the moment, it was necessary for the client to check the current user URL against a database housing these 300 Webzine columns,” the team notes.

“None of these URLs have ever been stored by Dolphin, instead being used to cross-index if a Webzine for the current site exists. If it does, the current site is immediately converted to Webzine format; if not, it remains the standard mobile site.”

The aforementioned feature will be included as an option in the next flavors of the mobile browser, so that users will still be able to take advantage of it if they consider it useful.

“Again, none of this process is stored on the backend of our servers and we are deeply sorry that this was not made clear to our users from the beginning,” the company explains.

“In terms of security, on a scale from one to ten, this is a zero. Dolphin does not store browsing history nor user personal information and we have never done so in the past.”

In addition to making these changes, the company will also offer clear explanations of what the said Webzine feature is all about, so that no similar issues will emerge again.

“The code and URL-checking process will be made very clear to users, and will only be enabled if a user wishes. Again, our update last night have temporary removed this functionality to avoid any confusion or concern you may have,” they announced.

Users who are concerned of their privacy and would like to download the latest version of Dolphin Browser HD v7.0.2 will find it available in the Android Market here.

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