Major League Gaming Will Create Its Own eSports-Focused Shooter

The game will be a result of cooperation with an outside developer

Sundance DiGiovanni, the chief executive officer working at Major League Gaming, believes that in the coming years, his organization will create its own shooter in order to have an experience that’s perfectly suited to the eSports scene.

The executive tells the Penny Arcade Report that, “One day we will. One day we will. Yeah. We’ve had people approach us about it.”

Apparently, the MLG-created shooter is inevitable, but the company is not yet actively working on it right now because it is focused on developing other elements of its business.

Sundance DiGiovanni adds, “Right now we want to focus on partners with games like PlanetSide 2 and help them broaden out and take advantage of what we’ve built. But we can also take advantage of their understanding of the game mechanics. We’ve done this with folks at Bungie, with folks at Activision, we’ve done it with lots of studios.”

Working with other noted shooter developers and publishers gives MLG the experience it needs to create its own game.

The executive was not willing to offer any information on the type of shooter that MLG might develop, although he ruled out the arena genre.

Major League Gaming is the biggest eSports organization at the moment and it plans to continue growing all through 2013 and next year.

The events it organizes feature the best players in the world and give fans a chance to watch the matches they are interested in in person or stream them online.

It would make sense for the company to create its own shooter, perhaps working with a well-known developer like Bungie or Infinity Ward, because it would allow MLG to create a set of mechanics that are perfectly suited to competitions and broadcasting.

The most popular eSports at the moment include League of Legends, Planetside 2 or Starcraft 2.

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