Major Halo 4 Update Fixes Exploits and Increases XP, Arrives on Monday

Gamers will also see changes in map rotation for some modes

Video game developer 343 Industries says that it will launch a new major update for its first-person shooter Halo 4 on Monday, November 26, designed to fix a number of exploits linked to the multiplayer games modes.

The work of the development team is based on reports from the player community and the patch will eliminate location exploits on the Ragnarok, the Haven and the Complex map.

Gamers will also get an increase in the daily experience cap, which means that they can play as long as they want while still advancing their character.

The Haven map also gets reduced weighting in modes like SWAT and Infinity Slayer, while the same happens for Ragnarok in Capture the Flag, King of the Hill and Big Team Battle.

Presumably, there are also many smaller fixes that the development team has not yet detailed, but will be made public when the update is actually live on Monday.

Jessica Shea, a community manager working for 343 Industries, states on the official Waypoint site that, “Please note that the map fixes only affect playlists and not on-disc custom game map variants. We'll continue pushing out Matchmaking fixes for exploits and glitches on Mondays, and we appreciate those of you reporting those issues.”

The competitive multiplayer of the recently launched Halo 4 has ditched many of the features that long-term fans of the series found familiar, in order to integrate a structure that’s similar to that seen in the Call of Duty franchise.

The game performed well on launch, despite being available only on the Xbox 360 from Microsoft, and managed to break franchise sales records as players welcomed the return of Master Chief.

343 Industries is also continuing to deliver weekly new content for the cooperative Spartan Ops mode, which has a season one that lasts for ten weeks.

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