Mail Synchronization Made Easy by MailShadow

A synchronization service for email migration, replication and recovery

Cemaphore Systems, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Google Apps Enterprise Partner, is a company that offers email synchronization and continuity software, recovery and migration for Gmail/Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Online, hosted Exchange, and other email systems. Its MailShadow is a product that gives the user complete email flexibility, by synchronizing data between separate email systems.

The company's strategy of providing synchronization services for every email corporation out there got clearer when Google announced the Outlook sync for Exchange. The big advantage that MailShadow has in comparison to other products of its kind is the fact that it provides a continuous and real-time synchronization, which leads to almost zero recovery time. And time is money for everyone.

Philippe Winthrop, research director of strategy analytics, said, “Developing a synchronization product that really works requires deep messaging expertise, understanding of data mobility, and competence in cloud services. Companies can really benefit from third-party neutral vendors such as Cemaphore Systems with its proven track record in different email solutions and cloud services such as Microsoft™ Exchange, Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) and Google Apps. Cemaphore has consistently been a technology and business thought leader, as it has recognized from the get-go the importance of cloud computing in its relationship to behind-the-firewall messaging systems.”

In order to be able to satisfy all types of customers and, of course, a demanding and competitive market, Cemaphore brings to the table a range of solutions, such as MailShadow Desktop Edition, designed to satisfy the individual users, MailShadow Server Edition, for IT departments of mid-sized and large enterprises, or MailShadow OnLine, for companies that prefer a hosted service.

This product is designed and developed to give you the possibility to move your email data risk free or have multiple email accounts, and all that with permanent continuity so that you won't miss a thing or skip an email.

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