Maggie Q Wears Nothing but Paint in New PETA Ad

A vegetarian diet is the best way to fight back climate change, the celebrity believes

Over the years, quite a lot of celebrities have proved to be not just willing, but also eager to rid themselves of their clothes and pose for PETA.

Maggie Q is now also making headlines as a result of her decision to show off her body and pose for a new green-oriented poster wearing nothing put paint.

As is the case with most of PETA's campaigns, this add is meant to convince people that embracing a vegetarian diet is the best way to tackle both climate change and global warming.

This is because the meat industry must be held accountable for significantly polluting the environment, whereas fruits and vegetables are as environmentally friendly as it gets.

“Fight Climate Change With Diet Change,” reads the message accompanying Maggie Q's picture.

Here's hoping that Maggie Q's PETA ad will get the attention it deserves.

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