Mageia 3 Alpha 2 Features GNOME 3.6

The distribution is now powered by Linux kernel 3.5.5

Anne Nicolas announced a few minutes ago, October 14th, the immediate availability for download of the second Alpha release of the upcoming Mageia 3 operating system.

Mageia 3 Alpha 2 is powered by Linux kernel 3.5.5, and it is distributed as a full set of ISO images, using the OverlayFS filesystem.

After some days spent on bug hunting with QA team, alpha 2 isos are finally ready to be tested. Alpha 2 comes with a full set of isos.

"As usual you will find 2 DVDs using classical installer and a dual arch CD. This is a result of a discussion in Mageia community to rethink our current set of isos. We still have some work to do in installer to propose non-free drivers installation,” Anne Nicolas said in the official release announcement.

Highlights of Mageia 3 Alpha 2:

· Linux kernel 3.5.5;

· KDE Software Compilation 4.9.1;

· GNOME 3.6;

· LibreOffice 3.6;

· systemd 193;

· GRUB by default (GRUB2 should be ready in Alpha 3);

· Live ISO images now use OverlayFS;

· Qt 4.8.3;

· Qt 5 Beta;

· QtCreator 2.5.2;

· Razor-qt desktop environment;

· TkGate;

· GanttProject;

· OpenStereo;

· MonoDevelop;

· Gambas3;

· LibYUI;

· fdb.

Of course, lots of bugs have been squashed since the first Alpha release of Mageia 3, but some known issues still remain, so please check out the Errata page before testing/reporting bugs.

Mageia 3 Alpha 2 is distributed as installable DVD ISO images, a dual-arch CD, as well as Live DVD and Live CD ISO images with the GNOME and KDE4 desktop environments, all of them being available for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Download Mageia 3 Alpha 2 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is an alpha release and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended to be used for testing purposes only.

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