Madonna’s Ultra Violent “Secret Project” Trailer Raises Eyebrows – Video

Directed by Stephen Klein, video is deemed too hard to look at

Madonna and controversy are almost synonymous words by now. Her latest offering, the official trailer for something called “Secret Project,” will only confirm that, when it comes to shock value, Madge has it plenty.

Directed by Stephen Klein, the “Secret Project,” whose trailer is embedded above, features some ballet dancing, lots of bones cracking, gunshots, and an actual execution by Madonna herself, and desolate spaces shot in black and white.

*Please note that some discretion is recommended when viewing the trailer because of images that might offend.

As we speak, countless voices online are urging Madonna to “put the guns down” and stop using violence to sell pop music, especially in a context in which random but very vicious acts of violence are leaving entire nations in mourning.

As the Queen of Pop, Madonna has a responsibility towards her fans and that also includes not glamorizing violence, the same voices say.

In response, her fans argue that, as an artist, she has the right to express herself whichever way she considers appropriate.

On which side are you?

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