Madonna's Personal Trainer Nicole Winhoffer Releases Workout DVD

“Addicted to Sweat” is “Hard Candy” fitness straight in the comfort of your home

Truth be told now, if there's one celebrity who can inspire and teach others how to lead a healthier, more active life, that's Madonna. Her personal trainer and choreographer, Nicole Windhoffer, is releasing a brand new workout DVD, “Addicted to Sweat.”

Winhoffer has been working with the Queen of Pop ever since she parted ways with her previous trainer, the famous Tracy Anderson.

Together, they have collaborated on Madonna's Hard Candy program, which fans and fitness enthusiasts can enjoy exclusively at Hard Candy gyms around the world.

This is where the workout DVD comes in, as Winhoffer explains in the video below: you will soon be able to get fit and healthy in the comfort of your home, doing some of the routines that Madonna herself does to stay in such enviable shape.

The set will include 4 DVDs, each focusing on a part of the body and of varying intensity.

The trainer swears you won't need any special equipment to be able to get through it, except for a towel, a flat surface, a chair, workout gear and, of course, will power.

The program is meant to promote agility, flexibility and strength, and Winhoffer promises it will lead to amazing results on the condition that you give it your best.

All of the moves that she will teach you are part of Madonna's daily workout routine, and some have even been included in her current tour.

This way, you can both break out a sweat to get in shape and have some fun dancing. We assume the routine is even more fun if done with a friend or in a group.

Some of the moves included are “Drop Down,” “Hop Forward” and “Ride the Horse,” and all are as spectacular as they're efficient when it comes to burning off those extra pounds.

“Addicted to Sweat” will become available on September 5. Until then, check out the video below for a preview of what you should expect from it, which will also hopefully help you make up your mind on whether it's the routine for you or not.

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