Madonna Puts Jesus Luz on Macrobiotic Diet

To encourage him to join Kabbalah

That Madonna is the closest thing to being obsessed with eating healthy and keeping in shape is no longer news, as neither is the fact that she encourages all those that come in contact with her to pay more attention to their body if they want to live a longer, healthier life. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow was the first to operate major changes in her life after meeting the singer, and now it’s Jesus Luz’s turn, Madonna’s model boyfriend.

Unnamed sources who claim to know everything about Madonna and Luz’s relationship are now telling FitCeleb that the singer has banned all unhealthy food from the model’s diet. From now on, it is being added, Jesus will be on her macrobiotic diet, which means no processed foods, sugary treats, or dairy products. Jesus has reportedly accepted both because he wants to keep the relationship he now has with the singer, and because he is considering joining Kabbalah, a religious group of which Madonna is a fervent follower.

“It’s very important to Madonna that anyone close to her does two things – follow her religion and her diet. Jesus is now having to eat organic salads, brown rice and fish. Occasionally, she indulges with a slice of wheat-free wholegrain toast with sugar-free strawberry jam.” one spy, who has chosen to remain anonymous, shares, as quoted by the aforementioned publication.

However, the change in diet has not been unwelcome by Jesus, the model with whom Madonna met while doing a photo shoot for W magazine, and whom she began dating almost instantly. He is reportedly interested in Kabbalah and willing to do anything to please his much-older partner, so he has gladly accepted to leave everything he once knew behind, including his former dietary habits, it has been said.

“Jesus has left his old life and his old friends behind. His whole world has turned on its head since he met Madonna. Jesus has taken a real interest in Kabbalah and has started making a few online enquiries into the faith. He joined an online Kabbalah group and is keen to become and active member. Madonna has also offered to take him to the Kabbalah centre in New York and he is exceedingly keen to take her up on that.” the same unnamed source also reveals for FitCeleb.

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