Madonna Goes Gangnam Style with Psy – Video

Queen of Pop performs in NYC, has amazing surprise for fans

Just in case South Korean pop star Psy needed any more confirmation that he’s got it made (big time!), it came just hours ago, when he was asked to perform with Madonna during her NYC show.

The Queen of Pop was performing at the Madison Square Garden and Psy was her special surprise guest, as the two videos below will confirm.

First off, they did a live rendition of Psy’s insanely popular “Gangnam Style” (with the dance routine included, of course) and then, as a bonus to fans, also covered one of Madonna’s songs.

As I also noted yesterday, Psy just returned from Frankfurt, Germany, where he attended the MTV 2012 Europe Music Awards to perform and accept a couple of awards as well.

From that to sharing the same stage with Madonna, I’d say life has been good for this particular K-pop star.

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