“Mad” Elephant in Nepal Kills 4, Villagers Now on the Hunt for the Animal

The elephant supposedly attacked an elderly couple, trampled them to death

Not very long ago, a new study concerning elephant “demographics” argued that relocating animals belonging to this species ups the chances of their attacking and killing humans.

However, living in their proximity proved to be equally dangerous to a group of villagers in Nepal, seeing how one “mad” elephant living in this area recently turned against people and ended up killing four individuals over the course of just three months.

Two of the people killed by this animal were an elderly couple, whose home was located in the village of Gardi, in the south of Nepal, and who were killed this past Saturday.

Local authorities explain that, according to preliminary investigations carried out thus far, the couple was pretty much pulled out of their bed and trampled to death, sources report.

Given the fact that this elderly couple was killed in their home, villagers now fear that, should the elephant want to kill again, very little could be done to keep it from doing so, seeing how it does not seem to fear coming incredibly close to human communities.

Despite the fact that Nepal's ongoing legislation makes it illegal for anyone to kill elephants, seeing how they are an endangered species that must be protected, local officials, rangers and villagers all agreed that the only way to keep such incidents from occurring again in the future was to find the elephant and kill it.

Thus, a hunt was organized and soldiers were given permission to shoot the animal the moment they came across it.

Despite the fact that this elephant does indeed constitute a threat to public safety in these southern regions of Nepal, conservationists are bound to argue that the main “culprit” behind these gruesome attacks is the fact that humans keep stressing the animals by destroying their natural habitats and by building their homes too close to wildlife-inhabited areas.

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