Mad Catz Mice and Keyboards Turn a New Shade of Red

They are turning new shades of white and black too

The R.A.T. Series of Mice from Mad Catz hasn't exactly been updated per se. No new mouse has been launched after all.

Mad Catz did make some additions though, design-wise: all the mice in the series (R.A.T.3, R.A.T.5, R.A.T.7, R.A.T.9 and M.M.O.7) are now sold in gloss-red, gloss-white and gloss-black colors.

This will make sure the gaming peripherals are aesthetically compatible with most every type of monitor and desktop out there.

No price modification is associated with the new colors. Of course, the mice were never actually cheap in the first place, so it probably would not have mattered that much even if there had been.

“Gamers continue to respond enthusiastically to our range of professional PC products, and we believe that the new range of colors will prove popular with passionate gamers,” said Darren Richardson, the president and chief executive officer of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc.


New Mad Catz R.A.T. gaming mouse colors (3 Images)

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