‘Machete’ Review: One Awesome Bloodbath

Robert Rodriguez’s fans know just how much pleasure the director takes in depicting violence in the most unreal way and in creating a distinct B-movie atmosphere, but this has never been more true than with “Machete.”

The star-studded flick opened worldwide last night, on September 3, telling the story of a character Rodriguez created specifically to star in a faux trailer included with “Grindhouse.”

Aside from appearances by Robert de Niro, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Steven Seagal and Lindsay Lohan, the film also sees Rodriguez working again with his cousin Danny Trejo, who is the unmistakable Machete.

Reviews for the film are already coming in and, as Ain’t It Cool News so wonderfully puts it, suffice it to say it’s best described as one awesome, highly entertaining and beautiful bloodbath.

Of course, this also means from the start that “Machete” eliminates from the start the possibility that a non-fan may enjoy it. Add to that its distinct B-movie atmosphere, plot and acting, and “Machete” becomes a niche masterpiece.

And as such it should be regarded, reviewers insist.

“When Rodriguez covers his lens in blood, his films spring to life. The bonus feature of Machete is that Rodriguez (credited as co-director with Ethan Maniquis) gets to take his faithful companion in most of his works, Danny Trejo, and place him front and center among one of the most eclectic casts of any film in recent memory,” Ain’t It Cool News says.

“The plot is a little thin, the performances – especially by the villains – are a little too blatant, and nothing about the fight sequences is particularly realistic. But who says they need to be?” the same review asks.

In a true Rodriguez film, plots don’t have to be complicated, just like performances don’t need to stand out, because action scenes and, most importantly, revenge are all that matters.

“At its core, Machete is a revenge film with a social-justice undercurrent, and on that level the film works beautifully. It’s also a rip-roaring gore explosion, and features more blood and guts than just about any horror movie you’ll see this year. Just before the end credits roll, the film promises us two sequels,” the same review concludes by saying.

Right now, “Machete” has a fresh 71% rating with Rotten Tomatoes’ top critics. As any moviegoer must know, this is a feat that not many movies can boast of on release, which makes it a must see – but only for Rodriguez fans.

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