Macaulay Culkin Gets on Stage with Adam Green, Sings Beach Boys Tune

The star had a surprise appearance during a Bristol show

32-year-old Macaulay Culkin was unrecognizable as he took to the stage to perform Kokomo by the Beach Boys on Wednesday, April 10.

The concert took place at the Thekla club in Bristol, located on a boat, the Mirror reports. Club rep Kinza Drewett describes how the audience was dumbfounded and reluctant to believe that the actor that they knew as the wide-eyed little boy from Home Alone was singing for them.

Culkin wore his hair in a ponytail and sported dark sunglasses throughout the entire performance, which can be seen above.

“He just turned up as a surprise guest. [...] Adam said we’d recognize him from Home Alone, but still nobody believed it.

“When he got on stage it was surreal at first, then people started realizing it was him,” Drewett says.

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