MacBook Pro Whines


Although the MacBook Pro was the cause of much excitement from the community, many users are experiencing a problem with itsÂ… its whines.

The sound issue present in some of the units seems to be complex affair, on some machines, the high-pitched sound is related to the brightness of the screen, in others, it appears when the machine is idle. Whatever the variety, the problem is a serious one, for it appears the sound is not something that can be easily tolerated or ignored. The intensity of the sound itself also varies greatly from one machine to another, some users not noticing it unless in a completely silent room, others hearing it over the noise of other computers in the room, some with loud cooling fans.

Currently there are no solutions, and Apple has not made any official comment on the matter, but it seems that some users can get rid of the problem by turning the display brightness down, and, for others, the sound goes away if they open the PhotoBooth application, suggesting that there might be some software or firmware solution.

The fact that the MacBook Pro supply is still not stable is even more infuriating for some users who opt to send the machine back and get a replacementÂ… after waiting almost two months to get their hands on the new machine, they now have to wait sometimes even up to a month more to get a replacement.

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