MacBook Pro 2012 to Gain 108% iGPU Boost, Benchmark Indicates

Apple’s next-generation of laptops also said to adopt a thinner design

Benchmark tests carried out on the latest Ivy Bridge processors from Intel have revealed a significant graphics boost, compared to the Sandy Bridge CPUs currently featured in Apple’s MacBook Pro line.

With Apple rumored to refresh the MacBook Pro line in the coming weeks, the news couldn’t be more welcome.

In testing the Core i7-3820QM, a 2.7 GHz processor with turbo speeds up to 3.7 GHz coupled with integrated HD 4000 graphics, CPU World reports that the new HD 4000 integrated GPU outperforms the current (Sandy Bridge) HD 3000 graphics by 32% to 108%, depending on the scenario.

Apple is said to have revamped the MacBook Pro line not only internally, but also from a cosmetic standpoint, giving the notebook family a luscious Air-like design that should finally do away with the optical disc drive.

“Using 3DMark Vantage performance preset, the overall score for i7-3820QM was 4431, 103% higher than i7-2960XM's 2179. The GPU score was 3483, 108% better than the older processor. Finally, using the OpenGL test in Cinebench 11.5, the HD4000 graphics scored 22.45, 32% better than the 16.98 scored by the HD3000 iGPU.”

April 29 is the rumored launch date of Intel’s quad-core Ivy Bridge mobile processors. Apple is likely the first client of Intel’s to have secured bulk quantities of the $568 (approx. 430 Euro) processor (rumored pricing per chip in high volume), therefore the Cupertino, CA computer giant has likely commissioned assembly of the new computers.

If Apple fails to introduce the new laptops anytime soon, the refresh will then most likely occur at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in the June-July timeframe. Around that time, Apple may also launch a new generation of all-in-one iMacs, the longstanding desktop solution offered by the fruity company.

The 2012 iMac has been rumored to feature an anti-glare display, though such talks are currently unfounded by any actual evidence that this might be the case.

Apple’s entire product range features glossy displays, from the iPad to the iMac, from the MacBook Air to the Thunderbolt Display.

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