MacBook Mini ($899) Spotted in Russian Mag

Even Mini-er than the MacBook Air

Just got off one concept to give you another, seemingly a more realistic picture of a surreal Apple product - the MacBook Mini. That's right, according to an eagle-eyed 9to5Mac reader, this thing was spotted in a Russian magazine, bearing an $899 price tag. Could this be Apple's idea of a netbook?

Gizmodo points out to the perfect rendering as highly appealing, comparing the device with Apple's currently-selling MacBook Air. Seemingly, this MacBook Mini borrows more from the MacBook Air than from any other notebook in the unibody family, and almost nothing from the iPhone and iPod touch, as some may expect Apple's netbook to be. The specs, as translated by the readers, look a bit like this:

• 10.4" WXGA display.

• 1280 x 768 pixel with LED backlighting.


• Intel Atom Z740 1.83GHz with 1MB L2 cache.

• 2GB DDR3-800.

• NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

• 64GB Solid State Drive.

• Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n

• 1 x USB 2.0

• 1 x Mini Display Port

• Battery Li-Ion 5100mA.

Review image

Rumored MacBook Mini (click to enlarge)

Credits: 9to5Mac

A more detailed list of (roughly translated specs), courtesy of 9to5Mac reader / commenter meguxx is available after the break.

• 10.4" wxga display doing 1280x768, LED something (backlit I assume)

• 267x195x4 (millimeters one would assume)

• 19.4 mm (for what, I don't know)

• 1.03 of something

• nvidia ION? nvidia mcp79, 533 MHz

• intel atom z740, 1.83 Ghz, 1 meg l2 cache

• 2 gigs of ddr3-800 ram

• geforce 9400M

• 64 gig ssd

• bluetooth 2.1 + edr, 802.11a/b/g/n

• 1 usb, mini display port

• 5100 mA battery.

Apple has long been rumored to be launching a netbook, although the company is more of a trend-setter, rather than a follower of trends. Mini MacBook concepts have been rolling every week, with few of them seeming likely to happen. Apple itself has dismissed rumors of it creating a notebook aimed at web browsing (netbook), citing pricing and functionality issues.

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