Mac vs PC Study Shows Macs Have 1/3 Fewer Problems

The issues are also solved much quicker, compared to those occurring with PCs

A study conducted by Nucleus Research, a global provider of research and advisory services, has shown that Macs have 1/3 fewer problems than PCs. Also, the problems are solved faster with Macs, Ian Campbell, Nucleus Research's President and CEO, reveals in a blog post.

"We've been investigating the ROI from Macs versus PCs in the business environment," Ian Campbell says. "I was reviewing the data from a case study one of our analysts is completing and the results are interesting," reads a blog post of Nucleus Research's President and CEO.

Mac vs. Windows in business case study isn't at all breaking news, yet the results might just be of interest to those who are still trying to decide what OS to opt for. The man assures his team will be publishing the case study "soon." In the meanwhile, folks are encouraged to subscribe to the company's newsletter in order to be notified of the latest findings.

"This particular company has approximately 1,700 employees with a mixed environment of PC users and Mac users," Ian Campbell claims. "Here's the interesting data point: On a per user basis, for every 3 trouble tickets the help desk opens for PC users they only open 2 for Mac users. In addition, the Mac trouble tickets are closed 30% quicker."

Well, are you surprised? Apple offers perfectly compatible hardware-software solutions through its Macs. You'd expect issues to be nailed down faster when you know exactly what you're looking at - and they actually are.

"To net it out, in this company, the Macs have 1/3 fewer problems and the problems are solved a lot quicker," Campbell concludes. The President and CEO of Nucleus Research also vouches that his team is "investigating a number of deployments" and that it is looking to do more Mac vs. PC research in the near future.

Admittedly, this data is coming from only one company, but Campbell reckons it's "a fair comparison of sophisticated users in a roughly balanced Mac versus PC environment."

Needless to say, the same kind of study can turn up negative results for the Mac userbase. Since Mac users already expect their OS to work just fine, some may call in trouble tickets more often. In the meanwhile, PC users are a bit more flexible in this area and might even try to fix their own issues. It really depends on the angle you're looking at it.

Via MacDailyNews.

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