Mac Users Can’t Update to Safari 6.0.2 Because of “3001” Error

“The operation couldn't be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -3001.)(102)”

Apple’s cloud services have lately been acting up pretty badly, and the same goes for the company’s software updater in the Mac App Store, which churns up error after error for customers attempting to update their Safari installations to the more secure Safari 6.0.2.

A rapidly-growing thread over at Apple Support Communities, the official forum of Apple Inc., reveals that some of Apple’s server-side issues have begun to affect update distribution as well.

It is the case with Safari 6.0.2, an update touted by Apple as necessary to rid older installations of some security flaws in its WebKit rendering engine. The problem is many users simply can’t get it installed.

Most of the Apple customers answering to “Error message updating Safari 6.0.2” on Apple’s forum are telling an almost identical story. An error message (reproduced below) pops up preventing them from installing the new browser.

“The operation couldn't be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -3001.)(102)”

Some users report getting similar errors for both iPhoto and Safari. Apple also updated Aperture yesterday, though no one seems to be having trouble installing the latest version of the photography app.

Some commenters did some digging up and managed to obtain the direct server links to download the goods. These links are supposedly used by the Mac App Store application when fetching software updates. However, they are never displayed to the user.

It is worth noting that Apple has been having quite a bit of down time with iCloud, iMessage, the iTunes App Store and the Mac App Store lately.

The company is known to be restructuring its executive ranks with a particular emphasis made on Internet services and the iOS operating system. Undoubtedly, Apple is pulling some wires back there that are causing all this commotion.

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