Mac Pro No Longer a Danger for End Users, EU Starts Selling 2013 Model

After redesigning its powerful workstation, Apple can once again sell in Europe

The redesigned Mac Pro, which many people have likened to Darth Vader’s helmet and trash bins, has been approved for sale in Europe, after the Union’s decision to ban sales of older models because they presented a hazard for end users.

The European Union last year banned sales of Apple’s Mac Pro (the old model) because users would stick their fingers inside the aluminum enclosure and hurt them in the fans.

The redesigned Mac Pro (Late 2013) model no longer presents this hazard, and it has been added to the list of products that can be sold on the old continent.

The new Mac Pro sports a circular (cylindrical) form factor that uses a single fan and a “thermal core” that sucks out the heat from all the chips inside.

The fan itself is somewhat visible, but the spinning blades aren’t immediately accessible, which prevents users from touching them with their bare hands.

Shipments of the new Mac Pro are beginning to arrive in Europe, according to MacGeneration, yet Apple still lists a February delivery date for most orders placed in Europe, the US, and other parts of the world.

Starting at $2,999.00 / €2,999.00 / £2,499.00, the late-2013 Mac Pro comes in quad-core, six-core, eight-core, and 12-core configurations, with various other build-to-order options, such as more RAM and storage and various add-ons.

On the marketing page of the new Mac Pro, Apple says, “Mac Pro is the professional desktop computer reinvented from the inside out.”

“Arranging the most advanced technologies available around a unified thermal core allowed us to make this the most powerful and expandable Mac ever, yet also unbelievably compact and quiet,” the company adds. Visit Apple’s site to learn more about the new Mac Pro, and perhaps even order your own unit.

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