Mac OS X 10.6 Application Compatibility List Available

See which of your favorite apps are compatible with Snow Leopard

Hosted by, the “Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Compatibility List” should be a very useful tool for those planning to upgrade this Friday, whether they have Leopard roots, or a Tiger personality.

“Below is a list of applications and their compatibilty [sic.] status with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the most recent operating system from Apple,” the introduction on reads. “Please collaborate by sharing your experiences using each application and by adding applications not already listed. Simply click EDIT at the bottom of the page to contribute,” the message says.

Updated over the time, there are now four categories for apps that are yet untested, for apps that work fine, for apps that don’t work on Snow Leopard and for apps that have issues. The categories are “Unknown,” “Ok,” “No,” and “Warning,” respectively. Softpedia has compiled a short list of some noteworthy apps in this article, complete with notes. The list can be found below.

1Password - Ok - Needs 32-bit Safari and edit SupportBrowsers.plist;

Adobe CS3 Suite - Ok - Minor bugs in Photoshop and Dreamweaver;

Adobe CS4 Suite - Ok - Officially supported by Adobe;

Adobe Photoshop Elements - No - After restoring from Time Machine app gives a licence error;

Age of Empires 3 - Unknown;

Aperture - Ok - Of course it works, it’s Apple’s;

AppZapper - Ok;

Audacity - Ok;

Audio Hijack - Unknown;

Audio Hijack Pro - Ok;

Bento - Ok - a bit flaky when restoring from backup;

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Ok - both single and multiplayer features are a go;

Camino - Ok;

CleanMyMac - Ok;

CLIX - Unknown;

Cocktail (v. 4.4.1) - No - Might crash entire system;

Cyberduck - No - Version 3.3 alpha 1 works on Snow Leopard but it’s alpha (unstable) software;

Growl (v. 1.1.6) - Almost Ok - Sometimes works; spews memory leaks in console; pref pane loads in 32-bit mode;

Hulu Desktop - Ok;

iStat Menus - No - However, an update is said to be released very soon with new features and Snow Leopard compatibility;

Mailplane (beta) - Ok;

Microsoft Office 2004 - Unknown;

Microsoft Office 2008 - Ok - one user reports that, “Every app is terribly slow to start and lags afterwards. Its [sic.] unacceptably slow!;”

NeoOffice - Ok - however, some reportedly couldn’t use the office suite on Snow Leopard;

Opera - Ok;

Evernote - Almost Ok - Spotlight integration not working properly, synching issues as well;

FileZilla - Ok;

OnyX - No;

Parallels (v. 3.0) - No;

Parallels (v 4.0) - Ok - build 4.0.3810 adds support for Snow Leopard, both as a host and guest OS. Only with 32-bit kernel SL;

Prey - Ok;

RapidWeaver - Ok;

smcFanControl - Ok;

StarCraft - Unknown;

Toast Titanium - Ok - the notes warn that, “MountIt, ToastIt, Tivo Transfer, and CD Spin Doctor do not work in 10.6 yet;”

Transmission - Ok - updated just recently, 1.74 adds 64-bit compatibility;

uTorrent - Ok;

Vienna - Unknown;

VirtualBox - Ok - Only with 32-bit kernel SL;

VLC - Ok;

VueScan - Unknown;

Vuze - No - according to one tester, the app will run but opening new torrent files produces errors; it doesn’t seed existing torrents either;

World of Warcraft - Ok;

Yahoo! Messenger - Ok.

The original “Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Compatibility List,” hosted by, can be found here. Make your own contribution, or at least leave a comment here with your Snow Leopard compatibility experience.

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