MWC 2013: Opera’s New WebKit-Based Browser for Android

With features such as speed-dial, tabbed browsing, HTML5, and more

By on February 25th, 2013 19:51 GMT

While on the floor at the Mobile World Congress trade show, Softpedia’s editors have had the chance to learn some more info on the new WebKit-based Opera browser for Android, which can be seen detailed in the video embedded above.

The browser comes with a speed-dial page, the same as Opera Mobile and Opera Mini sport on the platform, but also features speed-dial folders, which include quick-access links to favorite sites, grouped based on users’ preferences and needs.

The app also features tabbed browsing capabilities, along with in-private navigation, a new recommendation engine which delivers curated content to users.

Opera also packed the browser with an off-road mode, based on Opera Mini’s engine, which delivers web pages much faster even on slower networks.

At the moment, the app also features HTML5, along with drag-and-drop, though it’s uncertain whether they will make it inside the final product as well.